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For the prom girls always try to be overt one another in singleness of outfits and hairstyles. There are young ladies who try to express brave ideas in their looks and those, sticking to the classic style, reflected in the images of tender beauty. Anyway, your prom long haircut style should highlight your character and match all the elements of your look, including your dress, accessories and makeup. There are a great number of prom hairstyle for long hair. For example, you can create your long hair into a formal or casual updo braided updo, or a casually twisted updo hairstyle. Besides, to make your hairstyle attract more head turns, you can add some private accessories such as feather, diamond pins or ribbons. Here are some popular and wonderful long hairstyles for proms, from which you can choose the most convenient one and make others admiring and leave others an unforgettable effect on others. Check out these 20+ Prom Hairstyle Ideas for inspiration.

1. Prom Messy Bun Hair Idea

Prom Bun Hair Ideas

2. Long Prom Hairstyle Idea

Nice Prom Hairstyle Ideas

3. Prom Low Messy Bun Hair Idea for Long Hair

Prom Low Bun Hair Ideas for Long Hair


4. Pinned Prom Blonde Hair Idea Down

Prom Blonde Hair Ideas Down


5. Braided Prom Hair Idea with Crown

Braided Prom Hair Ideas

6. Gorgeous Prom Updo Hairstyle Idea

Gorgeous Prom Hairstyle Ideas


7. Braided Updo Prom Hair Idea for Long Hair

Best Braided Prom Hair Ideas for Long Hair

8. Half Low Bun Prom Hair Idea

Low Bun Prom Hair Ideas

9. Half Down Prom Long Hair Idea

Down Prom Long Hair Ideas

10. Loose Curly Updo Long Prom Hair

Curly Long Prom Hairstyles

11. Classy Long Prom Hair with Buckle

Classy Long Prom Hairstyles


12. Side French Braid Long Prom Hair

French Braid Long Prom Hairstyles

13. Braided Half Up Prom Ombre Hairstyle

Braided Half Up Prom Hairstyles

14. Chic Straight Prom Hairstyle

Chic Prom Long Hairstyles

15. Cute Curly Half Up Prom Hairstyle

Best Curly Half Up Prom Hairstyles

16. Messy Wavy Prom Long Hairstyle

Messy Prom Long Hairstyles

17. Double Braided Crown Prom Long Hairstyle

Braided Crown Prom Long Hairstyles

18. Half Up Half Down Prom Long Wavy Hairstyle

Half Up Half Down Prom Long Hairstyles


19. Waterfall Curly Braid Prom Long Hairstyle

Waterfall Braid Prom Long Hairstyles

20. Curly Updo Prom Long Hairstyle

Updo Prom Long Hairstyles

21. Side Dutch Braid Prom Long Wavy Hairstyle

Side Dutch Braid Prom Long Hairstyles


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