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18 New Long Curly Haircuts with Layers

There is an illusion that there will not be a combination of curly hair and layered hair. It is true that heavy layering and naturally curly hair won’t look good together because heavy layering will cause frizz. On the other hand, however, a correct layered haircut helps style and maintain curly hair more easily.

Whether you have naturally curly hair or not you can have really gorgeous curly hairstyles especially if you have long hair. Big Hollywood curls are great for special occasions. If you have naturally curly and long hair you may need some hair mousse and hair wax to style your hair. Make sure to prevent hair damages and frizz by using hair products like hair masks for curly hair. Natural coconut oil is the best friend of naturally curly and thick hair.

1. Long Curly Hair

Curly Long Curls Year Short Salma Hayek Eyes Curled 2017

2. Dark Hair

Curly Alice Girl Dark Curls

3. Summer Hair

Curly Natural Long Curls Women Updos Types Texture Summer

4. Naturally Hair

Curly Curls Long Part Naturally Natural Mccord Lots Longer

5. Hair Cuts for Long Curly Hair

Curly Long Layers Down De 2017

6. Sexy Hair

Curly Perm Sexy Rizos Goals Curls

7. Curly Hair Layers

Long Curly V Layers Curls

8. Blonde Curly Hair

Curly Long Perm Naturally Longer Flat Curls Blonde

9. Tori Kelly

Tori Curly Kelly Perm Mccord Curls Annalynne

10. Long Hair Highlights

Balayage Highlights Trend Really Page Long Heard

11. Girls with Long  Hair

Long Wavy Lovato Demi Wave Straight Girls

12. Simple Curly Hair

Curly White Tips Simple Natural Long Layers Girl Curls

13. Formal Hair

Long Curly Waves Layers Layered formal Fashionable

14. Blonde Wedding Hair

Curly Long Wedding Up Taylor Swift M

15. Haircut with Layers

Curls Layered Wavy Waves Violet Shaggy Sasha Sarah

16. Perms for Long Hair

Curly Long Virgin Perms Permed Perm Natural Layers Kinky

17. Natural Curly Hair

Curly Virgin Rizos Natural Medium Long Layers Kinky Curls

18. Long Hair Bangs

Curly Long Layers Bangs Zooey Vanessa Stars Side

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